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About Us

SHOES STORY was established in 1992 with the vision of being the best company in terms of customer satisfaction through an extensive assortment of fashionable footwear. We proudly present ourselves as Manufactures, Importers, and Wholesalers of footwear and strive to offer the customers a real value experience like never before.

Today we have grown from a modest brand into one of the largest value fashion footwear brands in the Middle East and South Asia. We currently operate more than 12 wholesale stores across the Middle East and South Asia. Our team is highly efficient with utmost dedication to craftsmanship and hard work.

After starting our business in 1992 in Nepal, we slowly expanded to other countries which proves how much dedicated we are to provide the best footwear to the customers across the globe. We have grown to be the largest footwear suppliers in Nepal with one highly-equipped and modern manufacturing unit along with 3 wholesale outlets in Nepal.

In 2004 we expanded to UAE and now have established 4 wholesale showrooms in with more than 1500 shoe models. These shoes are imported mainly from China, Turkey, and Thailand. We always have ready stock which helped us in becoming one of the leading brands in the footwear industry in UAE. We are proud to have our own setup and quality team in China and Turkey. Moreover, we import the best materials from China, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, and India to provide the satisfaction that customer demands from comfortable yet fashionable footwear.

Currently, we offer more than 2000 men’s, women’s, and kid’s styles in a variety of categories from flat comfort slippers, sandals, velvet ankle boots, loafers, high-heeled sandals, slip-on, wedges under our various brands like Shoe Story, Shoe Star, Carla, Carla Perrotti, Nicola, Comfy and many more.

Our trademark 'Shoes Story' is registered in 31 countries including UAE, Nepal, Oman, India and European countries (viz Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)


  • Sustaining a pioneer position as an integrated “Shoes Brand” in the world
  • Manufacturing and retailing of sportswear and lifestyle products
  • Raising the fitness consciousness of our consumers & to promote a sporting culture
  • Providing good profit margin products to our B2B customer


  • To become as one of the best company in terms of customer satisfaction
  • To expand our branches all over the globe
  • To provide retailers with quality products at a reasonable price
  • To offer customers a real value experience through an extensive assortment
    of fashionable footwear